Finals Season


Finals Season is upon us and let me just tell you, its worse than pollen season, like way, way, WAY worse. After drowning in notes and inhaling highlighter fumes for hours I’ve collected some tips on surviving the dreaded Finals Season.

1. Take Breaks

     I know it sounds ideal when you have an exam at 8am to study all through the day before and cancelling all your plans to focus on the matter at hand but, you’ll find yourself spending these hours staring at the same sheets of notes and not actually absorbing anything. This isn’t to say to make dinner plans and go out for dessert after the night before an exam, but make sure you’re stopping to stretch, move around, and get some fresh air. Your body and the perpetuating headache you would have had, will thank you.

2. Snacks

   Keep some fresh and healthy snacks near your study area so that you have something to maintain your energy level up while you’re studying. Avoid heavy foods that will make you tired because let’s face it, we all know you’re just looking for an excuse to take a nap, skip the dollar menu. I usually snack on some fruit like the strawberries shown above.

3.  Visual/ Auditory Stimulants

So I’ve been told that if you play music while you study you may become less focused on your work and more focused on the music. Personally, I play old music videos in the background while I’m studying. This makes for an auditory stimulant and a visual stimulant. I’m convinced that if Ne-Yo is playing off my laptop I  won’t want to scroll through Instagram and Twitter.

4. Use Resources

  Notes, quizzes, study guides, practice quizzes, all of it.. USE THEM!! Most of the time teachers provide resources and aids that you, as a student have to find. Look for them  or even go to your professors and ask for them! Take all that’s given to you and I promise it will make for an easier studying process and a prettier test grade!

I hope you try out some of these or leave some of your own down below!

Good Luck to all in this Finals Season!



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