Sunny Crochet Dress OOTD 

What better to celebrate beautiful May weather than a dress as bright as the sun?

 I am absolutely in love with this mini sundress and had to have it for myself. The dress itself has a deep vneck with a sweet crochet detail around the neckline and down to the back. The straps cross in the back to add a super cute X, accentuating your back. 

If bright yellow or a deep-vneck isn’t your cup of tea here are some other options I found online! 

This dress from Forever21 has a similar crochet detailing around the neckline but comes in more quiet colors.  The straps meet at a halter tie around the neck leaving an open back. 

This next dress, also from forever21 combines some of my most favorite elements of a dress. 1. It’s white. 2. It’s got crochet detailing. 3. It’s got adorable pompoms. & last but not least, 4. LADIES AND GENTS IT HAS POCKETS! 

I am very serious about this bright yellow/ mustardy color. I’M IN LOVE. This  sweet swing dress from Pacsun has cute cut outs similar to the crochet-feel on the front. 



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