Music Festival Tips & Tricks

I spent this past weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama at Hangout Music Festival watching performances from The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Leon Bridges, Panic at the Disco, and many more! 

Along with acquiring the adventure of a lifetime, many blisters, and a bad tan line, I also learned some tips and tricks to surviving a music festival! 

  1. Check the Festival Information prior to attending the festival.   This meaning, look up what kinds of things you’re allowed or not allowed to bring in. At Hangout you were allowed as many empty water bottles as you wanted for CamelBak refill stations scattered around the festival. If I hadn’t known this before I surely would’ve spent the hefty fee of 5 dollars for a water bottle rather than bringing my own and refilling it for free. This also means check if you’re allowed to bring in gopros, toiletries, sunscreen, etc. due to the advancement of alcohol containers the security guard on the first day TOOK MY TAMPONS– as you can tell I’m still kinda shaken up cause ya know, a girl needs her tampons.
  2. Set a daily budget. Don’t be the person who brings all their money the first day and gets overexcited about funnel cakes and merch. I personally set myself a budget of $40-$60 dollars daily at the festival. I could comfortably buy food throughout the day rather than spending money on things I really didn’t need. 
  3. Bring something to keep all your belongings in. Whether this was a cross-body purse, a backpack, or even a fanny pack, it’s much easier to be held responsible for all your own personal things rather than someone else. If you don’t want to carry a purse but want to hold your own money and ID, try slipping it in your phone case for the day! 
  4. Designate a meeting spot. If you’re prone to getting lost in a crowd, set a location where you and you friends can meet. A lot of time times cellphone reception is super spotty and trying to get ahold of all your friends is difficult. Designate a less crowded spot to go to if you’re lost. 
  5. Know your limits. This can apply to everything. Know that if crowded areas make you feel anxious don’t push yourself to the front, know that if you drink one more drink you’re gonna pass out don’t buy the drink, know that if you get burnt if you don’t put on sunscreen don’t forget the sunscreen. Knowing your limits will allow you to have a better festival experience! 

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